SelfPro – Entwicklung von Selbstkonzepten beim Offenen Experimentieren

TitelSelfPro – Entwicklung von Selbstkonzepten beim Offenen Experimentieren
MedientypBuch- und Zeitschriftenbeiträge
Year of Publication2018
Book TitleHandeln im Sachunterricht
EditionProbleme und Perspektiven des Sachunterrichts
AutorenValiZadeh, M, Peschel, M
EditorFranz, U, Giest, H, Hartinger, A, Heinrich-Dönges, A, Reinhoffer, B
CityBad Heilbrunn
ISBN Number978-3-7815-2226-8

Previous studies with regard to quality management reveal a positive correlation between the specialised self–assessment of teachers and the implementation of explorative or open teaching methods. The 'SelfPro' project examines the effects of the teacher training concept for primary science education. With regard to the offers of the Lab for Open Experimentation at Primary Schools (Gofex) the development of self-cognition and professional knowledge of student teachers for primary and secondary schools will be particularly explored. The quantitative analyses of the survey reveal that after the Gofex tutorials the student teachers trace their increase in competence rather to experimental didactical methods than to their increase in profound specialist knowledge.

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